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Knowing What You Don’t Know; Learning What You Need to Learn
\nSmall and mid-sized companies, including family owned companies, have ways to outgrow their competitors and avoid pitfalls.   It is easier than you would think.\n\nThe expression “It is a wise man who knows what he doesn’t know” is sometimes attributed to the ancient Greeks (the wise ones, I would guess). ...
Bring a Gift
"Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?" Benjamin Franklin Sunday evenings are an unwelcome transition for many people. The weekend is winding down, and work pressure is looming. I happen to love Sunday nights, but I haven’t always. At some point, I made...
MBTI Insights
"When greatly stressed, INFJs may become obsessed with information they normally would consider irrelevant or overindulge in Sensing activities, such as watching too much TV, overeating, or buying things that have little meaning for them." Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type, seventh edition, 2015. When I read this statement, my first response was, "Huh,...
I Want to Be a Manager but Not Manage People
If you oversee or give guidance to another human being you are a manager. And it’s no easy feat to be an effective manager. By “effective” I mean your people are motivated, conflicts are handled quickly and directly, and everyone is giving their best. I’ve known intelligent, ambitious people who’ve decided to...
I don't Have a Bias
I have seen careers setback and even ruined in meetings. The sad part is that you don’t even have to attend or behave badly to be the victim of these career crushers. Here is all it takes: Gather a group of managers at any level and bring up the names of...
Understanding the Power Puzzle
The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk. Marcus Tullius Cicero What is the allure of power? After all, once you get to the pinnacle, not only are the burdens great and the thanks few, but seemingly, the only place to go from the top is... down. The draws...
People Are Talking
It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak, and another to hear.Henry David Thoreau People like to talk. We talk to people and about people. We talk about things and events. We know that people talk about us. Do you, or should you, care about what people are saying?...
Priorities - The New Economy and Back to Basics
A story of baseball I feel like a less talented version of Jeff Foxworthy and his redneck jokes when I think about the way the world and the economy is working. It is kind of like "you know you are in the new economy when you have to wear a battery...
Why It Is More Important To Give More Than You Get
(Or, quid pro quo and the illusion of employee happiness) One of the great privileges of the work we do at Priority Learning is to have access to your people. We see your entry level folks, along with young leaders, managers and executives. This sample of people and the...
Continuous Vitality Part 3
Workplaces That Make Sense For PeopleEnduring Motivation Last month in the continuous vitality discussion we examined motivation, demotivation and the KITA approach. If you want to catch up or revisit this article, click on the following link and it will be like going back in time: Continuous Vitality Part 2 How...

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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  • Preparation for Building a Culture

    Preparation for Building a Culture

    Before we pull the curtain to reveal the magic of building a culture, it will help to disclose a few discoveries I made while working with three developing organizations.

  • Every Year Tells a Story

    Every Year Tells a Story

    As the holiday season makes its annual comet-like appearance and 2021 quickly draws to a close, I hope the year has been good to you and you are brimming with excitement for 2022.

  • The Pillars of Organizational Culture

    The Pillars of Organizational Culture

  • Magic - What is in this book?

    Magic - What is in this book?

    Organizational culture building is here to stay for so many reasons but the most important is that it creates business that people love to work at.

  • Dunning Kruger Effect

    Dunning Kruger Effect

    n the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

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