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  • 10,000 Hours

    10,000 Hours

    “If you don’t choose to do it in leadership time up front, you will do it in crisis management time down the road.” -Stephen Covey

  • Discovering Skills for a Meaningful Career

    Discovering Skills for a Meaningful Career

    Pine Tree Society helps people in Maine with disabilities lead richer, more socially connected lives. Too often, people with disabilities feel left out, even isolated.

  • The Impact of Pine Tree Camp

    The Impact of Pine Tree Camp

    Kelly Walker recalls how nervous she was when she drove down the hill to Pine Tree Camp to drop off her son, Chase, for the first time. Chase had never been away from home before so she was worried about leaving him for six days.

  • Normand Dubreuil at a New Frontier

    Normand Dubreuil at a New Frontier

    Normand Dubreuil's continuing journey of a 4-year cancer survivor; 2016 was a roller coaster ride but the hope is that 2017 will be a year of healing

  • Personal Significance: A Choice

    Personal Significance: A Choice

    This is the second of a four-part article series looking at Measuring Your ROi The Return on Your Individual Impact Investment. This series is developed by ActionsProve, LLC, a new impact and significance consulting practice.

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CARE Initiative

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