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Myers Briggs
Step II
One or Two half-days


Personality Profiles and Understanding Diversity
Communication Styles and Feedback
Managing Conflict and Stress
Managing and Encouraging Change
Making Decisions and Commitments
Team Excellence Design

The MBTI is a great first step into understanding your preferences play out in a team and personal environment.

Myers Briggs and Teams

Personality insights and striving for team excellence!

Priority Learning has been facilitating MBTI team processes for 22 years and we are proud to introduce our latest version of team development and excellence. We are offering two half-day workshops that will help your team to understand the team’s preferences through the newest version of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator called the Step II. The team will explore the foundation behind their own personality preferences that include five facets for each dichotomy, as well as the team’s overall strengths and challenges. Let us help your team communicate more clearly, handle conflict appropriately, enhance the decision-making process and to execute the team’s goals and commitments. The team will learn to work more effectively together, while handling stress and helping to make a happier work place environment.

The Process:


  • We set up two half days with your team (at our office or yours)
  • The team leader communicates what the process will be to the team
  • Priority Learning will analyze the whole team’s dynamic and will provide workbooks with all the details of the team, including the strengths and challenges, based on the results
  • Priority Learning facilitates the one or two days requested at their office or yours.

The team will (within two half days):

  • Gain understanding about themselves and the members of the team on their styles and preferences and the importance of diversity
  • Communicate at a higher level, which includes feedback approaches
  • Manage conflicts and stressful situations
  • Make team decisions, gain commitment, and strive for excellence
  • Create a Team Idea System that keeps the team vibrant and energized for maximum success
  • Understand what is needed for maximum effectiveness and diversity
  • Use a tool (see below) to help keep the learning front and center

Free gift from Priority Learning:

MBTI Step 2

The Team Leader will receive a great tool to help them coach (or delegate a coach on the team) to keep the information front and center. It’s called MBTI Flip A Type Tip, which provides practical tips for working more effectively with people of all MBTI types and is a handy desktop reference for your team to take away. It helps people apply type every day in the workplace by enabling them to:

  • Easily compare their type side-by-side with that of a colleague and get helpful insights into both people’s likes and dislikes, strengths, and blind spots.
  • Learn what to expect when working with colleagues of different types
  • Keep a record of their colleagues’ type preferences


The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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