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"From the perspective of a customer and a client, and definitely as a friend, I can sum up my recommendation this way: Ralph is someone who helps. He wants to help, he seems to cherish the opportunity to help, and one gets the impression it's not in his nature to withhold help once he knows someone is in need. Behind the scenes Ralph is loyal, industrious and diligent, continually working to keep his skills sharp and knowledge base sound, and he is a strong team leader. Underpinned with considerable real world experience and fueled by insatiable curiosity, Ralph has the capability, and not just the willingness, to help managers and leaders develop and organizations grow. I have personally benefited from his coaching and training and I have witnessed many others grow with his support."
David Spaulding

"As a long time client of Priority Learning's Leadership trainings, I naturally had high expectations for the Facilitator Series. As usual, I wasn't disappointed. The content alone is enough to allow you to "step up your game" as far as facilitation goes, but the interaction of the other attendees, the encouragement, and the hands on practice has allowed me to really get a comfort level when it comes to presenting to groups and facilitating a successful session. I believe that anyone participating in the course, rookies and seasoned facilitators alike, would gain valuable information amidst a judgment free audience that can make any facilitation fun and successful."
Alison Spaulding
Southworth International Inc

"It's all about connections! As I think about what the folks at Priority Learning brought to my credit union over two years ago, I am struck at the ease upon which they immediately became an integral part of the team. Because Ralph, Lorraine, and Craig readily engaged the management in the learning process, they became a trusted resource for the most inexperienced manager and the most senior team member. Finally, it's important to note how a training class at Priority Learning connects theory with practice-a true value for any organization."
Jim Nelson President and CEO
York County Federal CU

"We are working our way through the participant discussions with managers on the Pro Lead exercise and I want you to know how much we all appreciate your support of our team. The Pro Lead tool has helped facilitate some conversations and will hopefully lead to setting of personal developmental goals for our managers. We realize this is just one of many ways you have supported the growth and development of JMG leadership.

I also know how much you have invested over time in some of our managers and that you continue to offer support and development opportunities for JMG. One of the points we try to make to our students is they are not in it on their own. We try to help them see the supports they have around them to help them move forward and grow when confronting challenges. Priority Learning is doing just that for JMG! You and your team continue to be a trusted partner in helping the JMG team improve and thereby deliver on our vision to be a champion for all Maine students facing barriers to education.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do in support of JMG and Maine students!"
Neal Williamson, HR Director
Hodgdon Yachts in Boothbay

"I wanted to say how we really appreciate our business partnership and the value-added service that we receive from all of you at Priority Learning. You are family. We feel well covered for our Leadership Training initiatives over the past two years and our employees have sought out your advice regarding performance management challenges with theirs and my direct reports. Many of our employees comment on how helpful your organization has been in training them on such key initiatives as the Jotul Idea System, Coaching Others, Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence/Appreciative Inquiry and Building a Business Case among others. You also have graciously extended many open seats for seminars that you are conducting with other companies. This has helped with networking and benchmarking best practices with other companies. The other equally important part of this value-added relationship is that you try to understand our business needs and truly work with us in coming up with WIN/WIN scenarios where both Jotul and its employees can come out favorably. It's all about keeping our internal customers happy and motivated in order for us to maximize the positive business partnership we strive to have with them. The results during the past two years have been dramatic. Our idea system realized its annual goal of 4 ideas/person/year after eight months, our leadership group (Team Leaders, Managers, Supervisors) has had minimal turnover and are learning how to write more effective reviews, and our management team continues to lead Jotul to record-breaking growth and financial success. Some would say Leadership Training is soft, we say that training our leaders is imperative for our growth. We appreciate our partnership with Priority Learning."
Bret Watson
President of Jotul North America

"As a veteran of business for over 25 years, I have been part of more training sessions and seminars than I care to remember. Many were not worth the time they took away from other work. My time at Priority Learning has been a decided exception to that pattern.

At Priority Learning I have gained critical insights and knowledge that I did not even realize I was lacking. The experience of understanding how we are fundamentally motivated and how each of us perceives and acts has been a remarkable awakening for me. As a trained engineer and manager, I had a very rigid fact based world view. If there was a problem, I often directed the fix. I may have been right, and I may have had good answers, but I now realize that I frequently did not empower or grow my direct reports or coworkers. Being right does not always mean getting the best result for everyone

What Priority Learning has taught me is that I can be more beneficial to my company and peers by coaching them to constantly grow and solve their own problems. I have learned to have more faith in others, and to recognize the power encouragement as opposed to criticism.

With out doubt, Priority Learning has provided me with some of the most valuable learning experiences of my life."

Paul Andrews, Continuous Improvement Manager
Jotul North America

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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    Preparation for Building a Culture

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    Magic - What is in this book?

    Organizational culture building is here to stay for so many reasons but the most important is that it creates business that people love to work at.

  • Dunning Kruger Effect

    Dunning Kruger Effect

    n the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

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